Stringhetti Flavio

Stringhetti Flavio


Dati personali
Nome Stringhetti Flavio
Città  Milano
Provincia Milano
Regione Lombardia
Indirizzo via Sardegna 57
Città  milano
Regione MI

Graphic Photographer ...director and art director by: S.G. Magazine

Generi/Tipi di Foto

 Art - Glamour - Nude - Exprerimetal

Curriculum Vitae/Esperienze

Stringhetti Flavio and S.G.magazineBorn in Milan in 1972 as a graphic designer father. He began to cultivate his passion for graphics and photography from a young age, in 1993 he graduated as a graphic designer at the Rizzoli Institute in Milan, obtaining the qualification for Graphic Arts. Working both as a photographer and as a graphic designer. He began his adventure in the graphic arts becoming a lithographer and a typographer, experimenting with all types of prints and techniques. In 1999 he graduated as an advertising graphic designer. In 2001 he became press director, continuing to experiment in photography. He remained director of the press until 2011, he began in a period as a Free Lance, where he worked in Europe trying to find his primary source of expression in photography and graphics. He collaborates between 2011-2016 with various museums in Europe, having the opportunity to exhibit and organize various important exhibitions. He currently works in Milan in an independent editorial staff while remaining faithful to his principle of Free thought. S.G. MagazineIn 2017 he founded the first art photography magazine specializing in portraits and genre photos, trying to give value to both the photorphon as well as the model who poses a journey that the viewer "looks at" in the photo. Currently looking for new expressions to translate into photos

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Akasha Fox Darklight
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