Walter Ciceri

Walter Ciceri


TELEFONO 3381319208

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Nome Walter Ciceri
Indirizzo via sormani 19
Città  Cusano Milanino
Provincia Milano
Regione Lombardia
Indirizzo via sormani 19
Città  cusano milanino
Regione lombardia

I've always been irresistibly attracted to all figurative arts and passionate about photography. Technique and devices used for shooting are constantly under my attention; They are source of information to be revealed through real experimentation. In my mind, this approach ensures free realization away from academic conditioning. Even the following concept is a part of my philosophy of life: "The end result as it is thought, imposes and run over medium and technique used to achieve it."I can't help to consider "Recognizable imprint about individual art-work" as a cage. Every story needs its own style to be better told.

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