Maximilian Ferrari

Maximilian Ferrari


Dati personali
Nome Maximilian Ferrari
Età 39
Lingue parlate Italiano - English
Nazionalità Italia
Città Milano
Provincia Milano
Regione Lombardia
Misure / Colori
Colore capelli Castano Taglia 48
Colore occhi Verde_Azzurri Altezza 179
Carnagione Chiara Misure 112-76-82
Presentazione / Disponibilità

I'm Italian Personal Trainer, Fitness coach in gym,  Model  and athlete ( Spartan-Race, Running, Cross-cut,  Bodybuilding).   I plan on breaking barriers and setting the bar higher for myself in this industry. I want to continue pushing the envelope. My main goal from this site is to network, gain exposure, create art, and evolve. I'm willing to work with inspired photographers, etc. In different styles... From fitness to elegant from nude art up erotic and more. Important to have a cool style and amazing project to realize! I'm also willing to travel in every place. I lived and visited so many nations and continents. Inbox me if you wish to collaborate. Ciao!ANDDON'T FORGET  TO FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM ;)


Some shooting .. But I'm learning really fast everything.

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