Emanuele Di Paolo

Emanuele Di Paolo


Dati personali
Nome Emanuele Di Paolo
Città  Cuneo
Provincia Cuneo
Regione Piemonte

Photographer by passion and, in photography, I love challenges and experimenting. The photographic genres I prefer are portrait, glamour, nude, dance, fashion and real estate.

I started photographing in 1979 with an old Asahi Pentax which I replaced almost immediately with a Canon kit. Currently I use three Canon bodies and two Sony mirrorless and I still use the 135 and 120 films with an old Canon and a Kiev 88. I have many lenses ranging from 12 to 300mm including macro lenses, tilt & shift and several vintage lenses. 

I photograph exclusively in raw and use PS, LR and C1 for post production. I love natural light photography with fixed focal length lenses especially portraits, nudes and fashion photos while in theatre I use mainly 24-105 and 70-200mm rarely other lenses.

On January 7, 2020 I received an award from Viewbug that ranked me in the top 10% of all photographers in that community (millions of photographers from all over the world are on Viewbug) and I got many top class awards, a result that I particularly liked as I only joined Viewbug on October 12, 2019.

On July 2020 I was proclaimed by Grand Jury, winner of the Monochrome Fashion Photo ContestYou can see some of my photographic works on these social platforms:-




Generi/Tipi di Foto

Ritratto; moda; danza; fashion; nudo; glamour; boudoir; real estate;

Curriculum Vitae/Esperienze

Vincitore di numerosi premi, concorsi, sfide fotografiche: http://www.viewbug.com/member/Emanuele_Di_Paolo#/Emanuele_Di_Paolo/awards

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