J. Thomas Vitovic

Dati personali
Nome J. Thomas Vitovic
Città  New York, New York USA
Provincia Roma
Regione Lazio
Indirizzo A Distinctive Photographer, Inc.

Thank you for popping by to view my work. I'm a retired professional photographer missing the work in the metropolitan New York City area. My name is: J. Thomas Vitovic (my sir name is never pronounced properly) and A Distinctive Photographer, Inc. is my registered trade name. My first camera was a a Brownie (does anyone remember #620 roll film) given to me by my God-Mother a very long time ago. Most of my work is medium format using Hassalblads (my camera of choose). If I was ask to describe my work I have to say that I am a people photographer. Classically trained in portraiture and lighting.

I doing this internet portfolio for two reasons the inspiration, as well as networking. There are so many countless, brilliant people here, making creative and exceptional images. Photography has always been a business to me, commercial, editorial work, fashion, glamour, product and even weddings. I don't shoot pets other than my Dachshund, Coco. I've shot all over the world.

Currently I'm looking to expand my portfolio with new work. Completely open to, hair stylist, make-up artist and as well as, not just models (eighteen and over) willing to shoot for trade (TFP/TFCD) if the work will benefit me, as well as adding good images to your book too. Anyone who tells you that they are going to make you famous because of their photographic ability is pulling your leg. I'm not interested in dating you or becoming your friend (we may become associates, colleagues or friends, later but, primarily that is not my intention).

I'm not a fan of vulgar nudes. I prefer mischievous or naughty, if you will. Not seeing everything is sometimes more alluring? Glamour shoots I feel don't have to be a g-string, garden water hose and a car. I've never been discourteous to a subject or spook impolitely and unfavorably about them afterwards. In my mind there is never an excuse for bad manners. Things I don't do are, in no general order are: dark & creepy, pornography, eccentric glamour or fetish. That makes me pretty mainstream (I hope).

I'd prefer you to have an escort I never want to be along with a subject that I've never worked with before; it a issue of safety and protects the talent (you) as well as the photographer (me). I always work with a model release before the shoot begins so that everyone knows it's for real and what's going on. I normally work on location it's tremendously pleasurable, and I find it endlessly motivating and always changing.

It's just a question of finding the right people to work with. Currently there are a couple of concepts in my mind that I would like to reduce to print format. If you're interested, drop me a line and we'll see if something can be set up., I can be reached at my e-mail address is jvitovic@usa.com and we can start from  there.

Feel free please, to leave comments good or bad as I feel any critique is beneficial.

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