Giorgio Magistrelli

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Nome Giorgio Magistrelli
Indirizzo Pechino
Città  Pechino
Indirizzo Beijing
Città  Beijing
Regione Beijing

On assignment for the Corporate Social Responsibility Report of a Fortune 100 Multinational around China: Xinjiang, Wuhan, Shanghai, Sichuan, Beijing


The catalogue of the Exhibition of Painter Xia Jing ,
Exhibition hosted at the Levant Art gallery in Shanghai - 4 Floor, 28B, Yuyao Road - near Xikang Road-)

Generi/Tipi di Foto

I am often called by models to prepare their portfolios and I am absolutely available to offer credits to hotel, locations, fashion firms, make-up artists etc who are offering their spaces, services, products in exchange on a quote on all my websites for their support

In particular, at the moment I would like to thank deeply especially the following partners:

• BORIANA SONG, daughter of Marin Varbanov and Ms. Song, for the honour and pleasure to have honored the memory of her mother shooting models with the old collection of traditional Chinese dresses, reproduction of Chinese imperial dynasties.
• BEISTYLE for the amazing collection designed by Chen Bei (

• PURE FASHION: energic model agency in Milan, Beijing and Shanghai


( a top level private club in Beijing, where art and style offer a cosy and extremely refined ambiance to the guests. Many thanks to the owner and genial creator, Mr. Hu

• DU GE COURTYARD -BEIJING ( a paradise courtyard in the centre of Beijing, whose style represents a mixture of old and new Chinese architecture. The perfect place where to spend a memorable holiday in Beijing. Thanks a lot to Du Ge and to Shelagh for their kind hospitality.

• LE ROYAL MERIDIEN SHANGHAI: classic and modern location. All you expect from a top level hotel with a top level management. Thanks a lot to Silvio and his team !!

Curriculum Vitae/Esperienze

PROFILE I am an Italian photographer based in China and traveling all around the world. I am specialized also in indoor and outdoor portraits and always looking for models who are interested in adding in their portfolios the images from a photographer out of the normal schemes. I have been always interested in picturing the most unusual aspects of different people and I am ready to put my expertise at the service of models running away from the boring, repetitive and conservative way of being pictured. My scope when I am with a model is taking out her or his soul, the deepness, the happiness and the few words the overall personality: you can be pretty or handsome but if your picture appears without personality you risk appearing empty and even bad looking. I will make you laugh, cry, shout, jump, feeling good and sexy but also bad and upset. I need to talk with you first as to understand your feelings and how to show your expressive capabilities. I am specialized in glamour and gothic and ready to follow the requirements of the model for other artistic needs further than in reportages and events. Feel free to contact me: I have a photo studio for indoor shootings in Beijing, locations in various cities worldwide and top professional equipment.

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