Roberto Grillo

Roberto Grillo


Dati personali
Nome Roberto Grillo
Provincia Milano
Regione Lombardia

young, fashion, portrait and still life photographer.

He was born in southern Italy, where he developed excellent technical and computer skills that will prove useful in high school.

He studied at the Technical Institute where he graduated as a Chief Engineer IT department attending the first class of an experimental program. Only a year later decided to pursue a military life, first at the Livorno Naval Academy, then as a volunteer VFP1. Not content with the military life decides to take a new road enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, where he graduated with honors in Arts and Technology where he experimented for the first time professional photography, analogue and digital. The love for photography was born immediately after the first encounter with the instrument, something unique and never tried before. Once born the love for this art form, decides to mess with different photographic studios in Sicily, working for about three years in the environment and acquiring excellent technical skills and logical.

Not happy of the sicilian photography he want more and moved to Milan where currently lives and works. So begins a full Master in professional photography, which completes all of its technical training and gives it the ability to create great professional and personal relationships with important photographers in different fields, collaborating and working as an assistant for leading magazines and advertising.

Today he lives in Milan with his girlfriend, a make up artist and hair stylist.

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