Dati personali
Nome Modella KITRYSHA
Età 27
Lingue parlate ITALIANO, INGLESE
Nazionalità ITALIANA
Provincia Milano
Regione Lombardia
Misure / Colori
Colore capelli MARRONI Taglia 36
Colore occhi MARRONI Altezza 168
Carnagione CHIARA Misure 80-60-90
Presentazione / Disponibilità



I'm Kitrysha, glamour / art model and multi-published on Playboy.


I’m open to international photo shoots and magazine editorials from both professionals and hobbyists. 


Read my directions carefully before sending me a request.


When you decide to shoot with me keep in mind that you come to shoot “me” and not a version you want to see of me. ​ ​


Read my conditions also from my website:





First check my portfolio gallery to have a wider idea of what to expect from me  





I am currently based in Milan where it would be most probable to organise a shooting with me. I am available for domestic and international travel. I delight in travelling and would be happy to hop on a plane and shoot together somewhere.  If you prefer to wait until I plan a trip to your city, you can check my upcoming destinations below. 


If you don’t want to miss the chance to shoot with me, be updated on my tour dates listed below. ​


London → 22-23 / 04





- Height: 170 cm

- Bust: 83 cm

- Waist: 65 cm

- Hips: 90 cm

- Bra cup: 2C

- Dress size: S

- Shoe size: 38


- I had breast augmentation (not natural)

- I have visible scars under my breast (that I usually cover with makeup) 





- portrait

- glamour, boudoir, lingerie

- nude art 

-fetish / dominant role

(solo or only with other female models)





Here is a moodboard / inspirations of shooting style that we can shoot: 





You can tell me if you have a preference of some outfits I have:  





I can do my own hair and makeup





When arranging a photoshoot be specific and include:

- Style / genre of shoot 

- Location / address

- other informations you want to add to let me know




Contact me directly for my modelling fee





Travel (hotel and taxi if needed) must be covered and in advance:

- if I travel exclusively for our shooting

- if the shooting location is outside of my base city or out of the city where I am touring 


In this case, I ask you the payment of the expenses through Paypal in advance within 7 days, and I will book my own tickets and hotel. 





- No erotic/ openlegs, only up to glamour / artistic nude 

- No submissive slave bdsm mood / style, but I can play a dominant role, also with another female model 

- No shooting in public area

- No cold location 

- No makeup artist unless it’s a makeup / hairstyle I agree with in advance. I can do my own makeup and hair. 

- Don’t touch the model (if you need to get a better pose, move my hair or anything, just communicate). If you cross my boundaries I will terminate the shooting and still be compensated.

-If there are other people during set, I must be informed in advance. If there will be other people in presence, I won’t be posing nude and it’s strictly forbidden for other people to take pictures or videos. 

- Everything must be well organised. No last minute and no surprises! 





- Model Mayhem: 

- Instagram:  

- Email:  




Looking forward to shooting together!


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