Dati personali
Nome Modella trudymodel
Età 31
Lingue parlate maltese, italiano, inglese
Nazionalità maltese
Città cosenza
Provincia Cosenza
Regione Calabria
Misure / Colori
Colore capelli Taglia
Colore occhi Altezza
Carnagione Misure --
Presentazione / Disponibilità


Trudy is an emergent maltese model of 21 years old. Her activity starts last october 2012 when she meets the referents of European Top Models, an agency that works in all over the world with actually 22 departments. This contact opens the doors to Trudy, that starts her experience in modelling with a shooting realized in Malta with Johnny Fusca, photographer for Etm and national director Italy of the agency. These first photos gives to Trudy a certain popularity in Malta, cause she has remarkable gifts in front of camera and is very expressive for many photo styles. So she starts to work in fashion, glamour, beauty and so on, with very good results. The high level of realized shootings gives to Trudy more opportunities: one of them is the possibility to enter in the International Calendar 2013 of European Top Models (official launch in Italy last 13 january 2013), but also to realize her personal 2013 calendar, published in Italy and diffused in various states of Europe. She also enters in others two calendars of "GlamGirls" series. This good start offers to her the possibility to go in Italy for a month and work there for many projects, like some italians newspaper covers or advertising ones. She posed for lingerie brand and shop (becoming testimonial for "Desiderio Lingerie" and "Gotha Fashion Club") and is choosed to dance in an important show with italian actor Gabriel Garko as guess. During her italian experience, Trudy realizes also some shootings with some italians important photographers raising much more her portfolio. In january she goes back in Malta to work national tv of her country, cause she is called to partecipate in two telefilms. In june arrives the first work with Etm Worldwide agency, that decides to insert Trudy in the next "Etm Guide 2014". In july 2013 she starts also the experience on cat-walk working for some italian fashion brands. She now is a model of "Etm Italia" and is ready for international projects of her agency in different sectors like advertisings, tv, modelling, fashion, etc. In september 2013 she posed in a workshop with Nikon Master Dario Broch Ciaros.         

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